QA Windows


Before you grab the handle

or how to choose the right door and everything that goes with it

Dear customer, the purpose of this catalogue is to present you with a complete range of aesthetic and functional options of our products so that you can easily choose the doors, door frame and all other accessories which will perform flawlessly for many years. Please contact your local dealer for more detailed information.


First determine how many doors and door frames you need and in what dimensions which are based on the rough openings the doors are intended for.


What level of user traffic is going to be your door exposed to? For spaces with high traffic which include offices, hospitals and schools the doors in highly resistant HPL and CPL laminates are recommended; stained doors on the other hand are recommended for luxury hotels. Value priced and elegant Sapdecor are especially suitable for residential spaces. The most economical door model for spaces with lower user traffic is Sapelit. The architects cherish the high loss surface finishes combined with concrete or rusted sheet metal. The pinnacle of our selection is natural veneers with highly resistant, four-layered surface finishing which are loved by many customers. You have not found what you were looking for in our standard selection? You will for certain choose from the hundreds of natural and artificial surface finishes available in our non-standard selection. Take into consideration the colour of the floor in the space where the doors are to be installed; the floor colour shade should be either lighter or darker than the shade of selected door finish.


Then focus on selecting a specific model. In each individual model range you have many options to select from wide array of the shapes, colour decorations, glass panels, edge finishes, handles and other accessories. You can also choose doors with various surface materials available; the grain pattern finish is available in both vertical and horizontal orientations. Majority of the decorations are available in both vertical and horizontal orientations with the vertical orienta- tion being a standard. The options are illustrated by a pictogram. In some models the decoration orientation is set and marked directly on the door model. Please also specify whether you prefer 8 traditional semi-grooved or contemporary designed and technical improved non-grooved doors.


The next step is to select the correct door frames depending on the selected doors. Door frame selection includes the traditional Normal, contemporary Obtus, elegant, round-edged Harmonie, wall-embedded Latente or metal door frames OKZ. The selection includes a new, revolutionary designed door frames which are invisibly installed within a wall.


You can select the hinges based on either functional or aesthetic criteria. The handle being a significant design feature should complement the style of the door. Door hardware signifi- cantly impacts proper door performance ; not every door handle is suitable for any door. Please choose from the selection of SAPELI door handles to ensure compatibility with SAPELI doors.


There are number of options available when choosing how the door will open. We offer left or right swing doors, sliding and bi-fold doors as well as swinging doors that can be standard swing, folding or flush with the wall. When ordering sliding doors please include the sliding door pocket of your choice.


Please select a door style based on the space they are intended for. You may recognize that some of the doors in your selection need to be doors with special properties such as bend resistant insulated doors, noise attenuated doors, water proof doors, fire proof doors or thermally resistant doors that can be utilized in spaces with cooler ambient temperatures such as cold rooms and pantries. Most of our products are available with these special prop- erties so the doors can blend in pleasantly with the other doors styles in the building.