QA Windows


pskportalThree dimensions and four walls result in a space. But still no living space. Because that is a dynamic construction of many factors and functions: security, comfort, health, aesthetics, sustainability, energy efficiency and much more. But the focus is always on people.
In short: A space is a system and sliding door hardware, therefore, is not just sliding door hardware. It is part of the system that ensures that spaces become alive and people feel comfortable in them. Living spaces.
This kind of thinking in terms of systems has a long tradition at SIEGENIA. Today, we are the leading system provider of room comfort: with window, door and comfort systems. Sliding elements with integrated drive solutions or their app-based motor-driven control are just two examples of room comfort of the future.
Room comfort is thus no longer the sum of many detailed solutions, but the result of a holistic approach. To convert diverse requirements, expectations and needs into innovative and marketable solutions is what drives us. For example, with our PORTAL hardware system.
PORTAL combines optical and functional ease into sliding elements weighing up to 400 kg. Whether it be design versatility, comfort, security or accessibility, PORTAL simply pushes itself right to the front of the pack when it comes to room comfort. In terms of fabrication, assembly and logistics, PORTAL continues to stand for the many opportunities to save time and cut costs in the production process.